Homes for All

Housing is a human right, and we need housing that’s owned by the people.

Rhode Island is receiving $1.1 billion in funding from the American Rescue Plan. So, we’re throwing our weight behind a proposal to create green public- and community-owned housing for the people.

Our goal is to significantly expand the stock of subsidized housing in Rhode Island, bolster rent relief programs, and work to address housing shortages that are driving up rents.


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Marijuana Justice

Rhode Island needs equitable cannabis legislation that delivers racial and economic justice to those most harmed by the drug war by prioritizing automatic expungement of prior marijuana offenses and local cooperatively-owned dispensaries so that working-class people, particularly people of color, benefit economically.

Reach out to your elected officials and let them know you want them to repair the harms of the drug war!


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Read more in this Providence Journal op-ed by Reclaim activists Kinverly Dicupe and Tyler Brown.



Past Campaigns

2021: Tax the Rich

Rhode Island workers and their families have struggled every single day to make it through this past year. At the same time, the very richest in our state have seen their wealth grow and grow.

In Rhode Island, the top 1% have seen their tax rates drop continuously over the past 30 years, and currently have the lowest tax burden of any income bracket. As we move beyond the worst of the pandemic and start to build toward recovery, we need to make real investments in our communities. We should tax those who have profited during this pandemic to fund the investments in jobs, housing, education, environmental resilience, and care that we all need.

So join us—make your voice heard! Send a letter today asking the Governor and your state Senator and Representative to increase taxes on the richest Rhode Islanders, so we can build a Rhode Island that works for all of us!


Tax the Rich!


2020: No Cuts Justice Budget

As we receive news of a Biden presidency and a progressive wave in Rhode Island, Governor Raimondo and the statehouse leadership have continued to say that “everything is on the table” for Rhode Island budget cuts. Governor Raimondo and Department of Administration Director Brett Smiley have even cut funding to cities and towns by 50%.

Can you write an email to your state reps, Raimondo, and Smiley demanding that they stop cuts to social services, and commit to taxing the rich?

Click click here to start. Our Action Network system will automatically pair you with your representatives.

We need to make our message clear: the cost of a pandemic cannot fall on the most vulnerable Rhode Islanders. Instead, we need to tax those who can afford it, and make sure that everyone has what they need to thrive.