Marijuana Justice

Now that the Rhode Island Cannabis Act has officially become law, we are focusing our efforts on supporting the formation of worker cooperatives and ensuring their success. Together, we are working to empower Black and brown communities to build wealth and take ownership over an industry that is dominated by white men and global corporations, to create a weed industry that works for all the people of Rhode Island. 

Housing Justice Legislation

Reclaim RI is fighting to pass legislation to address the housing crisis and protect and enhance tenants’ rights.  Working with Pawtucket Sen. Meghan Kallman and Warren Rep. June Speakman, we’re championing the legislation to give the state the power and resources to build mixed-income public housing.

Tenant Organizing

An organized base of poor and working-class tenants is taking shape as Pioneer Tenants United—and it has the power to pressure cities, towns, and the state to take meaningful action to protect and expand tenant rights. In the longer term, we envision a Tenant Bill of Rights developed and won under the leadership of our state’s most vulnerable tenants.