Reclaim RI
Reclaim RI is proud to announce our first endorsements for 2022 - Cherie Cruz and Giona Picheco! Stay tuned for more endorsement announcements.

Cherie Cruz
House District 58, Pawtucket

Giona Picheco
House District 14, Cranston/Providence

Cherie is a tireless fighter for working-class Rhode Islanders who have been caught up in the criminal-legal system. A Reclaim organizer and co-founder of the Formerly Incarcerated Union of Rhode Island, Cherie took the lead in our successful fight to win the automatic expungement of cannabis criminal records.

Giona is an activist with Cranston Forward who is taking on right-wing Democratic incumbent Charlene Lima. If Giona beats her, she will become Rhode Island’s first openly transgender state legislator.  

Between now and election day, we need you to contribute time and money to ensure that Cherie and Giona are victorious.

Please contribute to Cherie’s campaign by clicking here.

Please contribute to Giona’s campaign by clicking here.

Most importantly, we will spend the coming weeks knocking doors across Cranston and Pawtucket to send these two powerful working-class champions to the State House.

We helped a number of progressive insurgents win in 2020 and those victories helped us win our two huge legislative victories. Sen. Meghan Kallman introduced the Create Homes Act, which would make Rhode Island the first state in the country with a public developer of housing. We won a $10 million pilot public developer program and look forward to winning the whole package next session. Rep. Leonela Felix took the lead in the House to ensure that cannabis legalization included the automatic expungement of criminal records.

We must mobilize to elect more progressive insurgents so that we can win more legislative victories for working-class Rhode Islanders.

Please email to get involved in our canvasses. We are an all-volunteer organization and every volunteer counts.