Reclaim RI congratulates all four of our endorsed candidates on their victories in Tuesday’s Democratic State House primaries!

David Morales - House District 7

Leonela Felix - House District 61

Meghan Kallman - Senate District 15

Sam Bell - Senate District 5

Sam Bell, Leonela Felix, Meghan Kallman, and David Morales ran on platforms of racial, social, environmental, and economic justice.

With help from hard-working Reclaim members, all four candidates decisively won their elections.

As the General Assembly considers a budget that could include deep cuts harming their poor and working class constituents, these election results send a strong message that Rhode Islanders want a powerful state government that works for all of us, not just the powerful, the wealthy, and the well connected.

All four candidates have committed to opposing any budget that cuts state support for key functions like education, healthcare, municipal funding, and transit.

The legislature should consider itself on notice: Fight for the people, or the people will replace you