Reclaim RI

Reclaim RI started when a group of volunteers decided that the organizational capacity of Bernie 2020 needed to continue after the campaign ended.

Our view is simple: Rhode Island has never belonged to the people. But if we work together, it could.


● Equipping action: uplifting the lived experience of our members, while providing information and training that equips new leaders with the organizing skills we need to win.

● Collective flourishing: building solidarity within the multiracial working class to create a more egalitarian and free society.

● Community care: advancing inclusion, justice, and dignity for individuals and communities.


The Right to Thrive

● High quality public education, good housing, quality healthcare, fair wages for all.

The Right to Popular Democracy

● Popular education, neighborhood connectivity, collective power. The Right to Economic Justice

● Tax the rich, divest from the carceral state, reinvest in community. Economic democracy, including unionized and worker-owned businesses.

Dignity for All

● Ending the drug war, abolishing the carceral state


In order to win our vision, we:

● Elect champions for the people and pressure elected officials,

● Organize neighbors working at the local level to build power across the state,

● Mobilize people who have never thought of themselves as political organizers and empower ourselves with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to win change,

● Enact a culture of strengthening solidarity across difference, developing new leaders, and building community power.

Adopted by Reclaim Membership Vote 5/18/21


Steering Committee: 

Co-Chair: Daniel Denvir
Co-Chair: Georgia Wright
Membership Coordinator: Nora Caplan-Bricker
Secretary: Yanine Guardia
Organizing Chair: Miguel Martinez Youngs
Member at Large: Brandon Welch
Member at Large: Hector Perez-Aponte