Our steering committee 



Rithika Ramamurthy

Membership Coordinator

Mie Inouye

Organizing Director

Kinverly Dicupe

Action Coordinator

Nick Frayn


Tatiana Spottiswoode

Other Leadership

Digital Director

J. Mamana

Popular Education Coordinator

Jared Loggins

Media Relations

Kelton Ellis

Reclaim RI started when a group of volunteers decided that the organizational capacity of Bernie 2020 needed to continue after the campaign ended.

Our view is simple: Rhode Island has never belonged to the people. But if we work together, it could.


Daniel Denvir

Electoral Coordinator

Dennis Hogan

Organizing Director

Tal Frieden

Action Coordinator

Danya Reda

Communications Director

Ariel Tavares

Arts and Graphics Coordinator

Gina Lerman